Felicity George BSc MPhil SEBC PTC

Equine Behaviour Consultant

Vicky Longden

I would highly recommend Felicity to anyone who needs a hand with their horse. The things I have learnt from her are totally invaluable and have helped me so much in building my own confidence around horses and understanding their behaviour. I totally trust Felicity's judgement and would highly recommend her to anyone.

Eamon & Aero

I had been taking lessons for one year then decided to buy my own horse with no experience of horse ownership, a complete beginner in every way. Felicity not only helped me bond with my horse but her tips and advice mean we understand each other better. From problems putting the bridle on in the field to solving problems out on a hack she has made my steep learning curve enjoyable. When I notice something wrong now I simply make a mental note to ask her as she has been there done that and I simply want to do the right thing for my horse so she is happy. Felicity is my Monty Roberts! (note, I make no claim myself to be anything like Monty Roberts!)

Jennie & Lucy

I contacted Felicity seeking help with my mare, Lucy, and her foal. The mare had been very badly abused and I was struggling to make any progress with her. Despite being over 400 miles away, Felicity took the time to take a detailed history of my time with Lucy - I really felt like she listened to me and trusted my judgement. Having spoken to a number of behaviourists, it was refreshing to consult with someone who heard what I was telling them and created a treatment plan that was tailored specifically around Lucy and her needs - it was clear to me that Felicity doesn't just offer the same advice to all of her clients and this personalised aspect to her service made all the difference. And the results were unbelievable ... before contacting Felicity, I was unable to catch Lucy and she flinched anytime I tried to stroke her - within days of our telephone consultation I was able to approach Lucy in the field, feed her from my hand and stroke her head, neck and shoulders - all while she was loose in the field. I can't thank Felicity enough and I look forward to Lucy's future progress which is sure to continue!

Felicity accompanied me on a visit to a horse I was considering purchasing. She was extremely helpful in eliciting the horse's history, and in assessing the horses manners and temperament. After the viewing we discussed the horse's potential performance and my capabilities and expectations and decided they did not match. it was so helpful to have an informed objective professional to consult while making this decision. Horses are very expensive both in terms of finance and heartbreak, and it seems to me well worth paying £30 to have assistance in making the best choice possible.

Jane Webster

I have known Felicity and her horses for several years now and she has been a very positive influence. She has helped me understand horse behaviour better which makes it more enjoyable to be around them, improved how I handle them and also improved my riding position. Overall I would thoroughly recommend anyone who wants to improve their relationship with their horse to contact her!

Louisa Hooks

It caused a lot of hilarity in my family that I had booked what they saw as 'a horse-shrink' to sort out my spooky pony. However, all were reassured that I received such good advice and support, significantly lowering the odds of my coming-acropper. A big thanks to Felicity - the cost of her services is very reasonable, given the time and experience she brings to bear. I have passed on her to details to many friends - definitely recommended

Jane Ramage & Connor

I highly recommend Felicity. I am indebted to her for her help. After an incident with my pony, I lost confidence in handling and working him. Her kind and considerate sessions where enlightening, and the homework she set most enjoyable. I have a far greater understanding of my pony and his thinking. The result is we are a team again - it's lovely!

Elaine & Buzz

I have found Felicity George to be a very insightful and personable speaker, she delivered a thoroughly professional and enjoyable presentation to my third year undergraduate students on the life of an equine behaviourist which the students found fascinating. I certainly will be inviting Felicity back to Nottingham Trent University and look forward to working with her in the future. Dr Sarah Redgate, Nottingham Trent University

Dr Sarah Redgate, Nottingham Trent University