Behaviour Problems

If your horse’s behaviour is concerning you, spending time with your horse can become stressful, upsetting or even dangerous

Training Courses

Courses accredited by the Equine Behaviour Affiliation are offered, providing foundation and professional training in equine behaviour.

Felicity's aim is to help you to understand your horse's behaviour, and find safe, positive and practical ways to resolve any issues.

She firmly believes that owning a horse should be fun, but over the years has seen many people whose horses have become a source of stress and worry rather than a source of enjoyment due to behaviour problems.

She also sees many horses whose humans have become a source of stress and worry!

Whether you and your horse are ‘happy hackers’ or serious competitors in any discipline, for everyone’s safety and for your horse’s welfare, it is very important that both of you are relaxed and comfortable in whatever you do together.

Some problems can be resolved by simple changes, for example to your horse’s management, others may require more lengthy treatment.

Whatever the problem, Felicity will make a thorough diagnosis to find the root causes of the problem then provide advice or a training programme as required, individually tailored to suit you and your horse, and will offer whatever level of support you and your horse need.