Behaviour Health Check

Prevention is definitely better than cure

Behaviour Health Check £30.00

Often there are ‘early warning signs’ before a horse’s behaviour reaches a point where it seriously concerns their owner.  As with medical problems, prevention is definitely better than cure, so I also offer a behaviour ‘health check’ which will involve:

This assessment should take about an hour. You would only be asked to do what you feel safe, happy and confident to do with your horse during the assessment.

  • Discussion of your horse’s behaviour (and, where relevant, the
        reasons for his behaviour) as observed and recorded on the day
  • Recommended changes that could be considered with clear guidance on the reasons for, and benefits of, the proposed changes.

This service could also be of interest if you are interested in knowing more about your relationship with your horse, what his behaviour towards you means, and how to improve your relationship.

Please note that this service is only appropriate if you do not have any serious concerns about your horse’s behaviour.

If you do have a particular problem you would like resolved, a full case history and assessment will be advised in order to treat the problem effectively.