28th June 2015
8th July 2015


Want To Feel A More Secure and Confident Rider?

45 Minute Lesson £25.00

If you are looking for technical tips on show-jumping, or advice on how to get more marks for your half-pass, then I am not your woman!

However, riding lessons with an emphasis on behaviour, understanding more about how your position and actions really influence your horse and what his responses mean, can help you to:

  • Feel more secure and confident, whether schooling or hacking out
  • Reduce tension in your horse
  • Improve responsiveness to your aids
  • Improve your training skills
  • Make riding a happier and more harmonious experience for both you and your horse.

Please note that this service is only appropriate if you do not have any serious concerns about your horse’s behaviour.

If you do have a particular problem you would like resolved, a full case history and assessment will be advised in order to treat the problem effectively.