About Me

Felicity George BSc MPhil SEBC PTC

Equine Behaviour Consultant

Felicity has ridden and worked with horses for many years, and for more than 15 years has taken a serious interest in horse behaviour, studying a wide range of traditional and 'alternative' approaches to dealing with behavioural issues. She also has a solid background in science and worked as a scientific researcher at Edinburgh University for several years before moving on to work for private companies, travelling internationally and working as a consultant for a wide range of businesses.
Felicity stopped doing this kind of work 12 years ago, and finds problem solving for horses and their owners much more interesting and satisfying than her previous career. She is currently secretary of the Society of Equine Behaviour Consultants, is an examiner for the society, and runs an accredited training course in equine behaviour.
She is also a Certified Horse Behavior Consultant with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.
Her blog, articles and videos should give a clear, if informal, picture of her approach to working with horses.

In addition to many years of practical experience with horses and a sound academic foundation in science and problem-solving, Felicity has spent a year studying Equine Behaviour with an expert in the field, Dr Debbie Marsden, leading to a recognised professional qualification as an equine behaviour consultant.

The invaluable contributions from Debbie Marsden form the foundation of Felicity's approach to dealing with equine behaviour problems. Other trainers that have influenced her approach, either through receiving training from them, watching them at clinics or simply reading their work are Perry Wood, Reiner Klimke, Mark Rashid and Sylvia Loch, to name but a few.